"Our music business is a tough one, always has been and always will be, especially if you
want a “hit record”. But, if the music is “great”, there is an audience for it. The challenge
is to be determined, creative and start the process of connecting, building an audience. 
It is a fact that most successful artists did not happen overnight. They believed in themselves,
worked hard, often with little reward, honed their craft and were ready when all the pieces
came together, like when a jigsaw puzzle is completed.

Have faith in yourself and don’t give up."  

- Don

For $50,000 Gene Simmons Will Come To Your House with 10 CDs

Gene Simmons Performing with Kiss

Gene Simmons Performing with Kiss

KISS member Gene Simmons has announced that he’ll release a box set of previously unreleased solo material this year known as The Vault on 10 CDs in a big vault-like box. The catch? The set will only be available to those who spend an exorbitant amount of money for one of three different “experiences.” 

For $2,000, you can get the Vault Experience, which will let you meet up with Simmons at one of 21 events around the world where you can pick up your box set and get a 5-minute-long meet-and-greet with Simmons. 

For $25,000, you can get the Producer Experience, which will let you meet up with Simmons at one of 11 studios around the world where you can spend an hour with him listening to tracks from The Vault and, of course, get a box set of your very own. 

And **drum roll** for $50,000, Simmons will hand-deliver The Vault to your very home, where you and up to 25 friends can spend two hours with him. There are, of course, some caveats. From the FAQ page: 

Will Gene be in full makeup and costume? 

No. No, he will not. 

Will Gene supply food and drink? 

No. Gene will be bringing the Vault. You as the host will be bringing the party. You are in charge of supplying food and drinks. 

Will he be playing any music? 

Maybe. If you have an acoustic guitar around, Gene may strum a few tunes for you and your guests. 

Will Gene Simmons clean my house? 

No. The Demon does not do housework including windows. 

If any of that possibly sounds appealing to you, you can nd out more information here or watch this handy explanation video below. 

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"How’s this for chutzpah? He doesn’t say that the 'winners' have to find their way one of the 21 events around the world or to one of the 11 studio events around the world."  - Don


Guess Which Music Company has a $10 Billion Valuation Before Its IPO?


According a new report published by Bloomberg, there’s a music company that is actively seeking funding at a $10 billion valuation ahead of their IPO.  A source close to the company said says this behemoth is willing to sell 3% of its shares to strategic partners, including record labels.

So who is this company?  That would China’s own Tencent Music Entertainment Group. After merging last year with China Music Corp., Tencent Holdings spun out its music division group.  Last year, it held around 62.45% of the company.  Oh, Tencent also owns WeChat (small detail).  Beyond that, Tencent Music Entertainment Group operates music streaming and karaoke apps.

The company seeks to maintain its dominant position in the Chinese streaming market.  Next year, analysts forecast that the market will reach 4.37 billion yuan ($664 million) in subscription revenue.  Accordingly, forging deals with record labels would help Tencent Music secure vital streaming rights in the country.

All of which sounds just like Spotify.  But, in a totally different sphere of influence.

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"This is a market that will become a major player in the world music business. Still early days but with technology and entities like Tencent Music the world music business landscape will change dramatically." - Don


Michael's Scream Will Be Heard.


With approval from the The Estate of Michael Jackson, just-announced album Michael Jackson SCREAM will be released on CD and digital on 9/29 via Epic/Legacy, with specialty vinyl on 10/27.

The set—a 13-track collection of some of the icon's most danceable tracks, including "Ghosts," "Torture," "Thriller," and "Dirty Diana"—also features “Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous,” an energetic five-song mashup (of “Blood on the Dance Floor,” “Dangerous,” “This Place Hotel,” “Leave Me Alone,” and “Is It Scary”) recently created by renowned remixer The White Panda.

That song, which premiered as a Shazam exclusive this morning, could be discovered when fans Shazamed any MJ tune between 7-9am ET. It's now widely available to stream and as an instant-grat track with the album pre-order.

The glow-in-the-dark vinyl edition will street on 10/27. The cover art (and the poster that comes with) feature the first-ever AR (augmented reality) experience created for a Michael Jackson project.

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"I spent a magical time at Epic Records and was involved in the release of Michael’s “Bad” album. I was one of the first people to hear the “test pressing” of the album. Wow! Talk about crazy times! His music lives on and deservedly so." - Don


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#1 in the UK already and breaking BIG time in the US. A true artist!

Quote of the Week:

"To not be modest about it, you'll find that with only a couple of exceptions, most of the musicians that I've worked with have done their best work by far with me."   - David Bowie