Artists Services

  • Help enhance artistic vision
  • Career/project focus
  • Be a positive sounding board for your ideas
  • Oversee song selection
  • Create possible co-write opportunities
  • Find great songs when and where necessary
  • Assist in preparation and overview of demos/masters
  • Help finding creative/budget conscious producers
  • Connect with creative, budget conscious web designers and video producers
  • Plan creative visual and social media strategies
  • Advise how to best present your work to the record labels/music industry
  • Connect artists/projects to lawyers/managers

“With the decline of major music labels in this quickly changing world of new media, new business models are popping up everywhere to compensate. At the forefront of that surge of talented entrepreneurs is Don Grierson. I couldn’t have made the record I did and kept my money in my pockets as I have without his help.”

                                                   – Jon Peter Lewis (American Idol Finalist)



  • Guest Speaker
  • Can help organize ‘creative’ guest speaker packages
  • Instructor at Musicians Institute / Music Business Program


  • Overall label consultation
  • A&R Expertise/Executive Produce Albums/Projects
  • Producer Connections
  • Songs/Songwriters/Publishing Company Connections
  • International Overview/License Opportunities