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Don Grierson has been involved in the careers of the biggest names in contemporary music history.

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don has developed the careers of numerous legendary and aspiring artists and can help you discover the keys to success.

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Don's knowledge and experience in the music industry is invaluable to any aspiring artist. Discover Don's world, tap into his successes with exclusive interviews through his book, 'It All Begins With The Music'.  

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Recent artist projects


The American Idol contestant is poised to strike gold with her new single 'Wildfire'.  Read the full PRWeb article.

The Touch

The Touch is a modern rock band formed in 2014.  The band is currently based in London, UK.

Jon Peter Lewis

American Idol Finalist

Awbrey Madison  

Bilingual Singer & Actress

Jimmy Barkan

Singer & Performer


Singer & Performer

Forgotten Door - Band

American Rock Band

Mary Kate

Singer & Performer

'Helping artists or start-up entities to reach their full potential is my passion.'

What Is Music Consulting?

You Have the Talent!  But, Is It Enough?
The reality is - in today's music business, just having talent is not enough to become successful. All your creative and professional expertise should be well planned and in place. Music consultation provides the good advice, direction, and objectivity that is crucial to your success. 

What Is A&R?

Artists and Repertoire (A&R) is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and/or songwriters. It also acts as a liaison between artists and record labels or publishing company; in fact every activity involving artists to the point of album release is generally considered under the purview of, and responsibility of, A&R.